The MoMM (Miracle of Mom’s Memory) Foundation has been serving those less fortunate in the Central Ohio community for the past ten years. We will construct a public memory garden – a place of peace and beauty located along the public Ohio Erie trail way in Westerville. The small “rest stop” park would be a place to memorialize loved ones who inspire MoMM members to do good, and a public place of contemplation that will more visibly publicize the mission and ministry of MoMM. The rest stop, when completed, will become the touchstone for an annual “A Walk to Remember…MoMM celebrating the journey of life.” It is our hope that this walk will be an annual fundraiser for our service projects.

We can't do this without you! Our campaign for the construction of this memory garden includes your ability to purchase an engraved brick, (2) benches with engraved plaques, plant materials or you can make a general donation toward this project. We hope that you will feel called to join us and other members of MoMM as we become a permanent part of our community through your support of this endeavor.


The Miracle of Mom’s Memory (MoMM) Foundation is dedicated to non-judgmentally executing the teachings contained in the Beatitudes in support of those in need in our community.


The Miracle of Mom's Memory is a community of caring people proactively fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate. We honor one person at a time and accomplish one act at a time.


MoMM is a group of people who believe it is each person’s responsibility to serve others and who choose to do so in memory of a loved one that has gone before us. MoMM’s objective is to address the needs of the poor, homeless, and less fortunate through mission-driven projects, information dissemination, and volunteering time in support of causes greater than ourselves.

Needs Fulfilled

Since its inception in early 2005, MoMM has raised thousands of dollars and has used that money to fulfill needs and transform lives. From donating a car to a man with no way to get to work, to securing a computer and academic software for a single mother of three, to furnishing school supplies to an eager but underprivileged 6th grader, MoMM has been there. (For more information Click Service Stories)

Stories of Community Giving

This Month's Highlight

A MoMM member was shopping for the 'fixings' and turkeys for our holiday blessings families at Meijer in Westerville. (MEIJER is a wonderful partner to MoMM!) Seeing a very full cart, a man approaches the member and asks if the purchase is for a local pantry. The member answers, 'no a small local charity'.

The complete stranger proceeds to walk with the member to the check out line and purchase the entire grocery cart full of potatoes, dressing, gravy, vegetables, sweet potatoes, whipped cream AND 30 turkeys!!

When asked if the foundation could send him a 'thank you' and tax donation form, the man nods 'no' and simply says..."I don't do charity for a thank you. God bless and Happy Holidays"

Thank you to the man in the store....An angel in the path of giving...