Historic Dublin Business Association sponsors the MoMM Foundation in the 2014 Dublin Chili Cook-off!

The MoMM Foundation was once again the recipient of proceeds made during the City of Dublin's Annual Chili Cook-off. This year the community welcomed over 400 people who voted on the best chili of 2014. Seven Dublin restaurants competed for the coveted award. La Chatelaine took home People's Choice, with Mezzo earning the judges vote. Thank you to all the wonderful MoMM Volunteers who made this year's event possible!

Volunteer Opportunities


Holiday Blessings 2014, will celebrate the MoMM Foundation's 10th anniversary of serving families in need through the holiday season.

We invite you to join us as we look ahead in preparation for the rapidly approaching holiday season. Last year, through countless volunteers, we served 55 families!

Please contact Cindy Hickey if you're interested in sponsoring a family, becoming a team member/liaison, and/or have a recommendation of a family in need! Cindy Hickey:

Monthly Service Opportunity - YWCA Family Center

The first Saturday of every month offers a volunteer service opportunity at the YWCA Family Center @ 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, Oh. The MoMM Foundation needs your help to serve food during the 11:00am - 1:00pm shift. If you'd like to volunteer your time to families who need you most, contact Megan Temple:


The Miracle of Momís Memory (MoMM) Foundation is dedicated to non-judgmentally executing the teachings contained in the Beatitudes in support of those in need in our community.


The Miracle of Mom's Memory is a community of caring people proactively fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate. We honor one person at a time and accomplish one act at a time.


MoMM is a group of people who believe it is each personís responsibility to serve others and who choose to do so in memory of a loved one that has gone before us. MoMMís objective is to address the needs of the poor, homeless, and less fortunate through mission-driven projects, information dissemination, and volunteering time in support of causes greater than ourselves.

Needs Fulfilled

Since its inception in early 2005, MoMM has raised thousands of dollars and has used that money to fulfill needs and transform lives. From donating a car to a man with no way to get to work, to securing a computer and academic software for a single mother of three, to furnishing school supplies to an eager but underprivileged 6th grader, MoMM has been there. (For more information Click Service Stories)

Community Giving - Highlights

This year the MoMM Foundation was the recipient of a truck allowing for more pick-ups and deliveries of goods and services our community members desperately need. During one of these pickups the brakes unexpectedly gave out giving our board member just a few blocks to make it to a local brake shop. After an estimate of nearly $1,300.00, the truck sat idol for months. When Tim and Laura Kuchler, and Hometown Auto Repair heard the story they came to the rescue fixing not only the brakes, but other faulty parts on the truck.

They did all of this for free.

Since that time, the MoMM Foundation has made at least 12 trips delivering items our homeless families so badly need.

Thank you Tim and Laura and Thank you Hometown Auto Repair!