MoMM Projects

Addiction Help and Educational Reform

The MoMM Foundation has numerous projects going in the area of Drug/Alcohol abuse and addiction. It is our belief that society must change in regard to these areas and that possibly this change will need to begin in our schools.Why 21? is an informative talk given by a couple of members of the Foundation and centers on the physical, emotional and psychological damage that occurs with underage use.Sobriety 101 is a program designed to help transition young people to the resources they need to live a sober life.

The Foundation has diversion programs, resources for educators, and other items available to assist those who are trying to change the way our society views this incredible problem. If you are interested in any of these programs or would like to get involved with these projects, please contact : .

Holiday Blessings Project

Providing needy families with a Thanksgiving and Christmas that they otherwise would not have is the root of this project. Started in 2005, the MoMM Foundation took care of 7 Central Ohio families that holiday season through the support of Dublin Scioto High School, Dublin Coffman High School, Hilliard Davidson High School and St. Francis DeSales High School. Each family was given a Thanksgiving meal as well as Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner. Since then, the program has grown to support over 55 families during the holiday season!

There are numerous ways you can help MoMM in this rewarding endeavor. Food and gifts are needed as well as volunteers to prepare or deliver meals. To find out how your time, talents and offerings can be of service to someone else, contact Cindy Hickey at .

"Just One Thing" - The Carolyn Callaghan Memorial Fund

"Just One Thing" was the first project to be developed by the Miracle of Mom�s Memory Foundation. Its purpose is to give those in need the opportunity to request just one thing - usually something simple that will immediately improve or enhance their lives. Some of the items that have been requested include a kerosene heater, a suit for an interview, a jacket, a backpack of school supplies, a blanket and a warm meal. The possibilities are as unique as the individuals who make the requests. Those who take advantage of "Just One Thing" are not judged, converted or saved; they are simply given the opportunity to experience the unconditional love of those who care. For more information, please contact : .

Ongoing Household Item Donations and Clothing Drive

When formerly homeless persons find themselves with a living space for the first time, they usually have very few of the necessities needed to transform their space into a home. Our goal with this project is to have a continually replenishing collection of supplies available to those who are just establishing themselves. The supply pantry will house things like clothing, sheets, towels, furniture, dishes, silverware, knickknacks and working appliances - all at no charge to those in need. We�re always taking donations at the MoMM Foundation. Anytime you are cleaning out closets or trying to find a new home for gently used items, please consider donating them to MoMM. Items are used in a variety of ways from Holiday Blessings to the Summer Picnic Series to donations to groups such as Open Shelter and Agora Ministries.

To find out how you can help or where to take donations, please contact : .

Summer Picnic Series

The summer picnic series began as an idea of Ron McGuire's and has developed into three great Saturday afternoons for central Ohio families in need. The MoMM Foundation drives a truck full of donations to a picnic site and sets up a picnic for the people of Franklinton with food, music, games and entertainment. A fun time for all family members, it�s also a time for MoMM to build relationships with the people they serve. f you would like to volunteer, make donations, or contribute in any way to the Summer Picnic Series, please feel free to contact Julie Schultze at .

YWCA Family Center - Monthly Service Opportunity

The first Saturday of every month offers a volunteer service opportunity at the YWCA Family Center @ 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, Oh. The MoMM Foundation needs your help to serve food during the 11:00am - 1:00pm shift.

If you'd like to volunteer your time to families who need you most, contact Megan Temple: